About the Author

Sean and Me

Sean and Me

I’m Sean’s sister. And as the author of Following Chico, I’m just here to represent Mom, Sean’s older brother and me, because, to the best of our ability, we just want to see Sean’s wish for Chico come true. In addition, Following Chico is our way of keeping all of Sean’s friends—most notably those who donated money to Chico’s fund, expressed concern for Chico’s well-being and provided emotional support to us as we learned to care for the little guy—informed of Chico’s progress as he moves ever closer to receiving Sean’s final gift to him.


2 Responses to About the Author

  1. Jennifer Barrios says:

    I appreciate your efforts to keep us all posted!!! I was so happy to see pics of the lil guy! Praying for Chico and hugs to each and every one of you! This blog brings comfort to my heart. Thank you

  2. Charles says:

    Last time I went to New Orleans I stayed with Sean in Slidell. I brought Gigi with me. We all spent quality time with Chicko. I have a ton of pictures of Chicko and some video of him Howling with Gigi. She was representing Mexico in the Miss Latina global Pageant and WON! Chicko was a mac daddy I have video of Gigi saying she loves him and howling with him lol. I love Chicko and I miss him and Sean!!! I would like to give you these pictures and video if possible 🙂 !

    Much Love

    Chuck Chilla

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