Meet Chico


Chico Daliet

Chico has canine diabetes and cataracts in both eyes. Because of the cataracts, he’s partially blind and can only see dim shadows around his vision’s periphery. He gets around pretty well, especially when guided by a leash—although, he often stumbles and walks into doors and furniture. He uses his sense of smell to find what he’s looking for. But as Sean would lament, Chico just doesn’t play and romp like he used to. He can’t play fetch or run uninhibited beyond the confines of a yard. He lays around most of the day and sleeps a lot. But, boy, he loves to eat. He’s on a special diet, so he’s restricted in the types of food he can eat. Yet, still, he eats with gusto.

Chico is an amazing little dog. He is so good and has the sweetest disposition. He loves to cuddle, and he loves to “talk.” Sean used to make him talk, and Chico would mimic the sounds Sean would make. If you tell Chico “I love you,” he’ll say it right back, a trick Sean taught him.

Chico’s vet says he would live longer if his vision was restored. But more importantly, I know, as Sean did, that Chico would just be a happier dog if he could only see.


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