Only One Option

Right after Chico’s eye surgery, when he was having complications and Mom and I were overwhelmed by fear for his well-being and by the costs we were facing, some folks said we had a “tough decision to make,” suggesting we had some other option other than to get Chico well. For us, Sean is so wrapped up in our care of Chico, in our love for Chico, there was never a choice to make. If we had somehow lost Chico, it would have been like losing Sean all over again.


Ready to play

When I see Chico now, so bouncy and full of life, those crazy weeks during his surgeries and post-op care and the challenges we still face—even with the latest generous donations to Chico’s fund, Mom, with her small retirement income, is still facing a $2,700 bill from the stomach surgery—are all worth it…for Chico, for Sean, for us.

Exploring sights and smells

Exploring sights and smells


On the lookout

Chico is quite the chipper little pup when I see him these days. For the past several weeks, Mom has been caring for Chico 100 percent, without any help from me. It’s been back to work for me, so I’m not at Mom’s as much as I had been. Plus—thank goodness—Chico’s post-surgery care has tapered off a bit. So when I haven’t seen him for a few days and I pop up at Mom’s, he gets awfully excited when I walk through the door. Last time I saw him, he ran around in circles, yapping and yelping, his tail beating a tattoo against my hands and arms as I tried to grab him for a big bear hug.

Boy, I missed him, too. IMG_1058

Mom’s handling all of Chico’s eye drops (yes, he’s still taking a few), along with his regular daily care (she’s also in the middle of treating her other dog, Mya, for heart worms). She took him to his latest follow-up visit with the eye specialist just over a week ago. The latest news is that, although his daily drops have tapered off to five different ones administered three times per day, he has a new one added to the list, replacing one of the older ones. We were hoping he would get the Elizabethan collar removed at this visit, but he has to wear it for at least another two weeks. Chico had two types of stitches during his eye surgery: one dissolvable set inside the eye on the cornea and one set at the corner of his outer lid to keep the eye partially closed (protecting the internal eye). The outer stitches were removed during the last visit, but since the inner stitches haven’t yet dissolved, he has to keep the darn collar on.

But with the lid stitches removed, he can open his seeing eye so wide now! And he loves checking out everything around him. Before his surgery, whenever Mya would run toward him, wanting only to play, Chico would get a bit freaked out, barking and fussing, because she would run him over or sneak up on him. He couldn’t see her coming and that was alarming for him. Now, those two are new best buds.

New best buds

New best buds

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One Response to Only One Option

  1. Jennifer Barrios says:

    Thats so awesome to hear Lisa!!!! Lots of love to you guys!

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