Return of the Happy Puppy

When Sean was working toward getting Chico his eye surgery, he may not have been aware of just how much post-op care was involved or how overwhelming it would be (administering eye drops and medication around the clock, dealing with surgery complications, and seeing Chico sad as he recovered). But he knew that the surgery, whatever it entailed, would be worth it in the long run for Chico.

Ready to go bye-bye

Ready to go bye-bye

Of course, he was right.

Chico had two post-op appointments this week—one to check the pressure in his eye and one to remove the staples in his belly. The ruling at both was unanimous: Chico has bounced back exceedingly well from both surgeries. Yay!

But Mom and I knew that already. We could tell because Chico is back to his old happy puppy-dog self. He is feeling so much better, “talking” a lot, playing with his toys again and enjoying the outdoors. As a matter of fact, he wants to be outside even more than he did before the surgery.  We think it’s because he can see all the great stuff happening around him.

Chico’s belly incision has healed very well, he’s just about finished with his GI meds, and he doesn’t have to go back to the GI doc (unless other issues arise). As for his right eye, it is healing very well, says the eye surgeon, Dr. da Costa. He still gets five different eye drops throughout the day every day, but he sees! And that is the most exciting thing. So, even though, Mom and I doubted for a moment whether we had done the right thing by subjecting Chico to the eye surgery, we are so glad now that we did.

Waiting to go outside

Let’s go outside!

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One Response to Return of the Happy Puppy

  1. nosentail3 says:

    sooo REAL!!! ❤
    i love all you!!! 🙂

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