More Good News

Chico took a trip this afternoon to see his regular vet, Dr. Gentinetta at VCA Causeway Animal Hospital, for a glucose spot check. With all that he’s been through the past couple of weeks with his surgeries, his glucose levels weren’t well-regulated, and we were struggling to get his levels within a healthy range. We had to raise his insulin dosage, then lower it when he became ill, then slowly raise it again. It’s far less dangerous for him to have too little insulin than too much, and it always takes time to build him back up to where he needs to be. Anyway, today his levels are great!

Sean was always touting how special Chico is. And I hate to brag, too, but he truly is a remarkable little dog.

No more cataracts in Chico's right eye

No more cataracts in Chico’s right eye

Little fighter

Little fighter

Chico and the man

Chico and the man

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2 Responses to More Good News

  1. Jennifer Barrios says:

    YAAAAY CHICO!! Hugs to you Lisa 🙂

  2. ldaliet says:

    Thanks, Jennifer!

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