Post-op Complication

Doing his downward-facing-dog pose, trying to relieve the pain is belly

Doing his downward-facing-dog pose, trying to relieve the pain is belly

Chico is suffering from his first—and hopefully, only—post-surgery complication. His colon stopped working. A side effect of the anesthesia and the pain medication he was taking is a “lazy colon,” meaning it doesn’t move the way it should. Chico’s vet, Dr. Gentinetta, says another factor—dehydration—could also have contributed to the condition. This I don’t understand, since Chico received IV fluids throughout his surgery. As with any diabetic dog, he normally drinks lots of water, and he drank a decent amount when he returned home on surgery day. So, I don’t know when exactly he began to dehydrate. At any rate, Chico spent today at the animal hospital and received IV fluids, an X-ray to determine the blockage (regular old poop) and two enemas (poor puppy).

This little unplanned vet visit cost $476—and that’s after the $200 discount Chico’s doctor gave us. I whipped out the credit card and tried not to hyperventilate. The worst part about it? All this money and Chico still hasn’t pooped. He seems to be in no better condition.

Poor Chico was miserable last night, so that makes two nights in a row he was in discomfort. I feel so guilty about that! His belly was hugely distended, and he kept trying to do his business, straining and doing his downward-facing-dog pose—I guess to stretch and try to get things moving—but with no results. We called Chico’s eye doctor yesterday evening for guidance, since Chico had spent the better part of the day with him for a post-op check, and he told us to get an over-the-counter product to help soften things up. But then around 2 a.m., Chico began vomiting.

Mom and I were alarmed, so we brought Chico to the animal hospital first thing this morn.

Chico’s resting now. Dr. Gentinetta gave him anti-nausea and pain meds today, so he’s still a bit sleepy. Dr. Gentinetta also told me, Chico should be able “to go” within 24 hours. That seems like a long time from now. I wish he could have immediate relief and not have a repeat of last night.

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One Response to Post-op Complication

  1. Jennifer Barrios says:

    OH NO!!! Poor lil baby 😦 This breaks my heart.
    Hang in there, we have to stay positive. Hugs

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