Getting Through the First Post-surgery Night

Last night was a very long night.

Trying to find a comfy spot in an uncomfortable situation

Trying to find a comfy spot in an uncomfortable situation

So far, it seems Chico’s eye surgery went well. Dr. da Costa says that because the cataracts had been building up in Chico’s eyes for a while, the material that makes up the eye’s lens casing (I have no idea what this is technically called) was very tough and fibrous, so it took a while to laser through to remove the lens and implant the new one, but otherwise things went smoothly.

Chico, however, was not a happy camper. Once home, the poor baby whimpered and cried through much of the night. He did not want to be left alone, not even for a minute, and he was clearly in distress, keeping both eyes tightly clenched and trying desperately to get around the Elizabethan collar to scratch at his right eye. Between comforting him and administering the many eye drops and meds he has to take, it was quite overwhelming. Mom and I worked in shifts to give him his meds, which include a pill for pain, plus two other oral meds, and three different types of eye drops, including one he gets every two hours, one every four hours and one every six hours. We set alarms for the overnight doses, but I hardly needed an alarm, I awoke on the hour every hour, afraid I’d miss my shift.

IMG_1008I didn’t.

Chico was a little better this morning, opening his eyes slightly and not crying as much. He still whimpered a bit, but I think it was, in large part, because he was hungry. Unfortunately, he couldn’t have his regular morning meal, as he was scheduled for an 8 a.m. post-op stay at the eye specialist office. He’ll be there all day for a battery of tests to monitor his eye pressure and glucose and check for complications.

From the front office, I could hear him begin to howl as the assistant carried him to the exam room. I cried a little bit on the ride home after leaving him there. I felt so bad, seeing him in discomfort. But I know–I hope–in the end, it’ll all be worth it.

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One Response to Getting Through the First Post-surgery Night

  1. Jennifer Barrios says:

    Awww, that made me tear up just reading this. Stay strong Lisa! Your family has a lot of love, support and prayers coming your way in behalf of this special lil dog. Your devoted actions will not go without notice. Your a great sister! Many thanks for the updates, I know a lot of people are anxious to hear!…
    Love you “sweet cheeks” (Chico), hang in there lil buddy

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