The Big Day

On the way to surgery

On the way to surgery

Every time I arrive at mom’s house, Chico thinks it’s time to go bye-bye. Along with barking and “talking,” he does this thing where he jerks his head to one side, as if to say, “Let’s go!” This morning when I arrived was no different. He barked hello, nuzzled my legs and jerked his head. But I know he was also asking where’s my breakfast?

Chico’s getting his eye surgery today, and that means no food, water or insulin beforehand.

We hopped in the car, buckled up and headed to Mid-City. Along the way, I mentally talked to Sean, asking him to stay with Chico all day, stroke his head and hold his little paw so he wouldn’t be afraid. Chico and I arrived to the eye specialist office without incident—that is until we walked through the door and a little gray poodle in an Elizabethan collar saw Chico and went crazy. The little pup, sitting on its owner’s lap, barked and squirmed. So then Chico started barking and howling, as he’s often wont to do around other dogs. The two of them made such a racket, and I was concerned about the gray pup because clearly she was recovering from eye surgery, so outside, temporarily secured to a bench, Chico went. The gray pup’s owner joked, “She saw him and that’s a good sign.” Well, yes, I guess it is.

I must admit, I felt a bit of anxiety when it was time to leave Chico and I walked away from the vet assistant, who had scooped him up and was cradling him in her arms. Moments earlier, I had signed the surgery consent form and reread the disclaimer listing all the things that could go wrong in surgery. As with any surgery there were risks. Scary ones, from complications related to the anesthesia to the fact that results aren’t guaranteed to loss of life.

But Chico’s going to be all right.

I know Sean is watching over Chico, and I know he is so proud of—and grateful for—all of his family and friends who stepped up to make this day a reality for his bud Chico.

So now, mom and I sit and wait until later this evening. The doctor will call with an update following surgery, then, if all went well, once the anesthesia wears off, we can bring Chico home.

Ever the prankster, Sean thought Chico needed some eyebrows, so he gave him some for one day

Ever the prankster, Sean thought Chico needed some eyebrows, so he gave him some for one day

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7 Responses to The Big Day

  1. Angela W. Daliet says:

    Love the pic! Thinking of y’all today and know Sean is elated and happily laughing that big laugh! Love you cuz.

  2. ldaliet says:

    Thanks, Angie! And thanks for all you did to help us get here.

  3. Jennifer Barrios says:

    Been thinkin about that special lil dog all day!!! I know Sean is smiling ear to ear right now and thinking you that you are the best sister ever! Cant wait to hear all about the progress. Hugs from Texas

  4. ldaliet says:

    Thanks, Jennifer! Chico had a tough night last night following the surgery, but he’s doing a bit better today.

    • Jennifer Barrios says:

      Poor baby… glad to hear he is feeling a little better. Prayers for fast healing so that you can get some rest!!!

  5. Troy Bates says:

    This makes me soooooo happy to hear Chico is doing well after his surgery! I hope his recovery is speedy and all will be well. I know Sean is smiling down with all the help from his family and friends. I’d like to thank everyone that helped with this.

  6. ldaliet says:

    Thanks for all your support, Troy.

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