Day Before the Big Day

Along with the pre-op eye drops Chico’s been getting seven times daily since Sunday, tonight the little guy must take two different types of oral medications to help prepare for eye surgery tomorrow. He’s getting a bit tired of all the eye drops, though. Usually, he stands there patiently, eyes open wide as he gets his drops. But yesterday, he squeezed his eyes shut and didn’t want to open them. Little does he know that these daily drops are really just the beginning.

Besides the steady medication he’ll receive after surgery, he’ll have to take it easy and get plenty of rest. So he spent some time exploring the yard today.

Good luck with your surgery tomorrow, Chico!

Soaking up some sun before the big day

Soaking up some sun before the big day

Exploring the yard

Exploring the yard

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One Response to Day Before the Big Day

  1. Jennifer Barrios says:

    Lookin good lil buddy!!! Go Chico! xoxo

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