More Pre-op Preparation

Pre-op meds

Pre-op meds

I picked up Chico’s pre-op medications yesterday from the Eye Center for Animals. The cost wasn’t as high as anticipated; it was $131 dollars for the meds. I also received an updated estimate for surgery only to the right eye. As well as removing the cataract, Chico’s lens will be removed and a new one implanted. With the cost of the new lens, the surgery will be about $3,000 after the discount Dr. da Costa is applying to the fee.

The discount is courtesy of a close family friend named Allison whose late pup had received care from Dr. da Costa. Allison’s dog also had diabetes and eye surgery. She spoke to Dr. da Costa on my family’s behalf the week following Sean’s funeral, and she set up the initial appointment. She also generously paid for that appointment. My cousin, Angela, brought Chico to the appointment and gathered a ton of information for us about all that the surgery would entail. In those first weeks, caring for Chico was really a communal effort! (But more about that in a later post.)

The one unexpected thing to occur yesterday at the eye specialist office was that Dr. da Costa expressed that he wanted Chico to see Dr. Gentinetta—Chico’s vet—for a glucose curve before the surgery. A glucose curve is a test that checks glucose levels every hour over the course of several hours, thus it would require Chico to spend a full day at the vet. This unexpected vet trip would set me back an additional $121.

Ready to go to the vet; sweater on 'cause it's cold outside

Ready to go to the vet; sweater on ’cause it’s cold outside

Luckily, I was able to schedule the appointment for today. If I hadn’t, there’s a chance Chico wouldn’t have been able to get his surgery on Wednesday. Actually, there’s still that chance…

When an eye surgery is scheduled, Dr. da costa reserves the entire facility and staff for the surgical patient. No other animals are treated the day of the surgery. Therefore, if a scheduled surgery needs to be canceled or rescheduled, 48-hour advance notice is required, otherwise significant cancellation fees are incurred. That means I only have until Monday at 8 a.m. to change Chico’s appointment if necessary. So that left only today as an option to see Dr. Gentinetta. It was imperative to get Chico in for the test.

Now, I just hope his glucose levels are good and Dr. Gentinetta approves Wednesday’s surgery.

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