Learning to Care for Chico

Anyone who knew Sean, knows that his dog, Chico, meant the world to him. So first and foremost, to Sean’s friends who are invested financially and emotionally in Chico’s well-being: thank you dearly. There’s no way Chico could get the cataract surgery Sean was working toward without your generous donations and support.

To say the least, it’s been eventful the past two months learning to care for a blind, diabetic dog. And it’s been quite an expensive learning experience, too. Chico has certainly kept mom and me on our toes. He gave us a good scare a number of weeks back when his blood glucose levels dropped dangerously low and he became hypoglycemic. Turns out, what we thought was the insulin dosage Sean had been giving Chico twice a day was way too much. This overdose of insulin was causing his blood glucose, the main source of energy in his body, to drop to critically low levels. He spent two days in the doggie hospital to regulate his levels. Following a return visit to Dr. Gentinetta (who’s awesome, by the way) at VCA Causeway Animal Hospital to again check glucose levels and adjust insulin dosage, Chico stabilized, and, $1400 later, he is now doing great.

Mom and I are taking good care of Chico. He is healthy and, although we know he misses Sean, we’re smothering him with love so he doesn’t get too sad.

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