The Retina Test

In the car, on the way to get a retina test

In the car, on the way to get a retina test

Chico’s very first visit to the eye specialist was before the hypoglycemic scare. Dr. da Costa at the Eye Center for Animals discovered that Chico had a small scratch on his left cornea and a small amount of inflammation in both eyes. Dr. da Costa prescribed antibiotic eye drops for both eyes. Chico takes his eye drops as he does his twice-daily insulin shots—like a champ. He is such a good dog. He doesn’t struggle or flinch.

The corneal scratch healed and the inflammation was reduced. The next step toward getting the surgery was to have a retina test done on both eyes. This test determines whether the surgery would work for Chico.

Chico went back to the eye specialist on December 19 for his retina test. The great news is that based on the retina test results, his right eye is a good candidate for the surgery. The not-so-good news is that the left eye isn’t. The retina in Chico’s left eye is partially detached, which causes complications for the surgery.

This week, I scheduled Chico’s surgery on his right eye for Wednesday, January 8.

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